Some Notable Bartletts

Not all Bartletts are dead. What follows is my eclectic list of prominent Bartletts around today. Below that list you will find some of the noted Bartletts from the past.

Andrew Bartlett is leader of the Australian Democrat party.

Bob Bartlett is a music composer for UK films and TV shows.

Bruce Bartlett, former Republican treasury official, turned against the President with his book: Imposter: How George Bush Bankrupted America And Betrayed the Reagan Legacy.

Dan Bartlett from Texas serves President Bush as Counselor to the President.

Don Bartlett from Gander in Newfoundland is one of Canada's leading curlers.

Edmund Bartlett is a leading politician in the Jamaican Labor Party.

Elaine Bartlett's struggle against New York's harsh anti-drug laws is described in the book Life on the Outside.

Elizabeth Bartlett, who grew up in straightened circumstances in Kent, worked for a long time in the health service, an environment which provided her with the inspiration to write and publish poetry.

Jim Bartlett has been a practitioner of the new media.

Joe Bartlett is a top New York newscaster with WDR Radio.

John and Sara Bartlett run a body tattoo shop in Arkansas. They commute there as the practice is banned in their home state of Oklahoma.

Josiah Bartlet is the fictional US president of the TV drama series West Wing. Martin Sheen the actor claims descent from the original Josiah Bartlett.

Roscoe Bartlett, a Republican from Kentucky, represents Maryland in the US House of Representatives.

Shaun Bartlett is a South African footballer.

Tanya Bartlett, from Newcastle in Australia, is an accomplished sculptress.

Thomas "Doveman" Bartlett, who hails from Vermont, fronts a "lamp rock" folk group.

Tom Bartlett, who grew up on a Gloucestershire farm, opened Folly Farm in the 1970's for the preservation of rare breeds of duck.

William Bartlett from Massachusetts is an accomplished artist, working mainly in oils.

And here is a list of some noted Bartletts of the past:

Adam Barttelot is reputed to have arrived with William the Conqueror in 1066 and started the Bartlett line in England.

Adelaide Bartlett was acquitted of the crime of poisoning her husband in a sensational trial in London in 1886. The case has fascinated crime writers ever since.

Bob Bartlett grew up in Alaska and was the leading figure in its move to statehood in 1959. There is a statue in his honor at the state Capitol Rotunda.

Captain Bob Bartlett was a sea captain from Newfoundland best remembered for his Arctic expeditions with Captain Peary in the 1920's. He spent more than fifty years mapping and exploring the waters of the Far North.

Captain Charles Bartlett was known as "Iceberg Charlie" for his knack of detecting icebergs.  He captained the Titanic when she left the yard but, ironically, not on her tragic maiden voyage.  He did captain her sister ship the Britannic when she hit a mine and was sunk in the Aegean Sea in 1916.

Charles William Bartlett from Bridport in Dorset established his reputation in the 1880's as a watercolorist. His style changed as he became influenced by Japanese woodprint design. He moved to Japan and then made his home in Hawaii.

Edmund Bartelot was killed in the Congo in 1889 while leading an expedition in search of the explorer Henry Stanley.

Elisha Bartlett from Quaker stock in Rhode Island achieved prominence in mid-nineteenth century America with his medical books, notably Bartlett on Fevers.

Enoch Bartlett gave his name to the Bartlett pear.

Frank Bartlett was a Union General during the Civil War.

Sir Frederic Bartlett, who was born in Gloucestershire, made his career at Cambridge where he was the first professor of Experimental Psychology. He is best known for his studies on memory.

Frederick H. Bartlett was one of the leading real estate developers in Chicago in the 1920's.

Hugh Bartlett, born of English stock in India, was a dashing cricketer who played for and captained Sussex during the 1930's and 1940's. He played in that era as an "amateur," i.e. one who had a private income and did not need to play for money.

James Bartlett from Fordingbridge in Hampshire started the Bartlett steam fair that toured the south of England from the 1890's to the 1940's.

John Bartelot was the author of an unusual letter to the Lord Chancellor of England in the 1530's.

John Bartlett while running the University Book Store in Cambridge Massachusetts devised his book of Familiar Quotations in 1855. It has been reprinted many times.

Dr, Josiah Bartlett, a physician from Amesbury in Massachusetts, attended the Continental Congress in Philadelphia in 1775-6 as leader of the New Hampshire delegation and was one of the signers of the American Declaration of Independence.

Michael Bartlett, from Oxford in England, was an acclaimed performer on Broadway in operettas and musical comedies during the 1930's.

Norman Bartlett, an aviator in World War 1, devised in America his Flying Turns amusement ride, a forerunner to today's roller coasters.  The first ride openrd in Ohio in 1929.  A Flying Turns continued to operate on Coney Island until 1974.

Peter Bartlett, captured on a slave ship in America, was returned back to Liberia in 1827 as one of the first New World immigrants there.

Robert Bartlett from Puddletown in Dorset sailed to Plymouth Rock on the Ann in 1623. He is commemorated by the Daughters of the American Revolution as one of the Mayflower generation.

Vernon Bartlett from Westbury in Wiltshire had a long career in newspapers and broadcasting which stretched from the 1920's to the 1950's. He was for a period an MP (elected on an anti-appeasement ticket in 1938) and was the author of twenty eight books, chiefly about foreign affairs and travels in SE Asia.

Washington Bartlett from Georgia became a newspaper publisher in San Francisco and later, for a brief time, Governor of the state.

William Bartlett was a Dorset folk singer.

William Henry Bartlett was born in London but his later base was the West Country. His nineteenth century landscape drawings are collector items now.

William Walter Bartlett was an active socialist in England in the 1880's and 1890's, closely allied to the Fabian Society and its founder Sydney Webb.