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28 January, 2018.  Deacon George Bartlett of Guilford, Connecticut

My grandmother was Ruth Bartlett of Guilford, Connecticut.   I have traced my family back to Deacon George Bartlett and Mary Cruttendun.   However, there is some question about the father of Deacon George.  Steve Todd says it's Robert Bartlett of the Mayflower.  But others question this. 

I was wondering if you know who Deacon George's parents are.  It is believed he was born somewhere in Kent and came with Abraham Cruttenden when the Cruttendens came to America. 

Patrica Papillo (

24 November, 2016.  Bartletts from Dorking in Surrey

My line started with William Charles Bartlett who was born in Dorking and was in the army vet core in World War One.  I believe he is buried in Dorking cemetery.  His son Charles William (great play on names there), my great grandfather, was born in Dorking, as was my father. Charles lived in Westcott and moved to Reigate and then to Horley.  He was involved in the Normandy landings and served as a Military Police. 

Andrew Bartlett (

29 April, 2016.  Bartletts in Heytesbury, Wiltshire

Iíve been tracing my husbandís family tree and his Bartletts were in Heytesbury, Wiltshire back several hundreds of years before they moved to The Rhondda in the late 1800ís. 

His ninth great grandfather was William Bartlett (or Davis), born in Heytesbury in 1704.  I believe Williamís father was Nicholas Bartlett born in 1672 in that village, but the parish registers go back no further.  Have you any more information on the Heytesbury lineage?

Dr. Ellyn Harries married to Michael Bartlett in South West Wales (

9 February, 2016.  George and Mary Bartlett of Guilford, Connecticut

I am an American Bartlett.  My immigrant surname ancestors were George & Mary (Cruttenden) Bartlett who were among the early settlers at Guilford, Connecticut.  They married there in 1650.  Mary Cruttenden was the daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth (Usborne) Cruttenden and had been baptized at Hawkhurst in Kent in 1632.  Unfortunately, no one has as yet been able to ascertain the English origins of George Bartlett. 

What we do know is that Guilford was founded in 1639 by a group of English Puritans of rigid Congregationalist convictions under the leadership of the Rev. Henry Whitfield and Samuel Desborough.  The settlers were primarily at the junction of the English counties of Kent, Sussex, and Surrey.  Most likely George Bartlett came from this same general geographic area.

Though not a signatory of the Guilford Plantation Covenant signed aboard ship, George Bartlett was probably part of the original 1639 group.  He was arguably an early arrival due to the central location of his home-lot on Guilford Green.  In addition it should be noted that Puritan immigration into New England had come to a virtual halt after 1640 due to the English Civil War.

The signers of the Guilford Plantation Covenant were restricted to the heads of households who had reached the age of majority.  It is known that several young men who were either attached to existing households in some capacity or who were not yet of legal age, were among the original settlers at Guilford, Connecticut, though not covenant signers (in many New England Puritan communities, stray bachelors and maidens were prohibited from living alone, and were assigned to live under the discipline of existing families).  George Bartlett may very likely have fit into this category, as he did not marry until eleven years after the founding of the settlement.  Since that time he gradually passed through positions of increasing responsibility in the local government.

The earliest known record of George Bartlett on this side of the Atlantic is in the first court record from "Guilford Plantation," dated 14 August 1645, wherein he was listed as a witness in the court proceedings.  It is fitting to note, that for George Bartlettís testimony to be admissible in court in 1645, meant that he had to have reached the age of majority Ė 21 years under English Common Law Ė by that time, suggesting a birth year of 1624 or before. 

If I had the resources to fund a genealogical search for George Bartlett in England, I would look for a George Bartlett born in SE England in the early 1620s who did not die there. It is thought that three vessels were involved in transporting the Guilford settlers to New Haven, Connecticut in the summer of 1639, though the whereabouts of the vessel manifests are apparently unknown, if they are indeed still existent.  Any thoughts on how I would go about further research into the English origins of my ancestor George Bartlett without a cost prohibitive monetary expenditure?   

Gary Bartlett (

3 January, 2016.  Captain Cherry Bartlett of Delaware

My name is Julia Lynch and am working on my family tree.  My grandmother Annie M. Bartlett Lynch was to quote from the obituary: "a sister of the late Captain "Cherry" Bartlett, a well-known marine salvager and inventor."  Her parents were George and Mary Dutton Bartlett who lived at Lewes in Sussex county, Delaware.  That is as far back as I have been able to get.   Does this sound familiar to anyone? 

Julia Lynch (

1 October, 2015.  Thomas Bartkett in South Africa

I'm trying to track down the details of my great grandparents.  My grandfather, Arthur Leslie Bartlett and his sister were born in South Africa.  Unfortunately both are deceased and their fatherís birth, marriage and death certificates cannot be located. 

The information I have says that Thomas Frederick Bartlett died at the approximate age of 36 in 1922.  This would make his year of birth 1886 or thereabouts.  I have tried several sites, but I cannot locate any record of his birth. 

Any information you may have would be greatly appreciated. 
Many thanks  
Billy van der Merwe (

25 July, 2015.  George Bartlett, from Scotland to Australia

My great grandfather George Bartlett, born 1856 in Scotland (I believe Aberdeen), was supposed to have married Catherine (Kate) Harper and arrived in Australia around 1860.   I have not been able to find any records of them getting married and with so many George Bartlettís in Scotland I seem to have hit a brick wall. 

Warron Bartlett (

 24 July, 2015.  Mary Bartlett, Born 1717 in London

I would be much appreciative if you can shed any information on Mary Magdalen Bartlett who was born in 1717 in London.  She was baptized in the Church of St. Martin's in the Field, London.  Her father's name was Hercules and his wife Susanna.  In 1735 she married a direct relative of mine, David Court who had been born in 1710. 

Alan Court (

9 March, 2015.  Josiah Bartlett Descendants?

All of my life my mother has told me that we are all direct descendants of Josiah Bartlett and related (somehow) to John Adams and John Quincy Adams through my grandmother, Evelyn Belle (Bartlett) Wentworth.  

Evelyn was the only daughter of Royce Kyle Bartlett, a New Jersey car dealer before the Depression.  Born around 1910, Evelyn was, I believe, a cousin of the Tilghmans and Bishops on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  I would like to trace her lineage but I am not certain of Royce's father's name.

Georgia Woodruff (

25 July, 2014.  George Bartlett in Aberdeen

My paternal grandfather George Bartlett married Harriet Laing in Aberdeen, trying to get dates for them, and I came upon your website, and an obit for George who fell off a North Sea oil rig in February 2014, plus several more George Bartletts around the world. 

I spent WWII in Aberdeen after my mother's death in Marlboro in Wiltshire. We came to the U.S. in 1948 and I feel fascinated by this whole scenario.  Any additional information could only prove interesting and possibly helpful.  

Kathy Bartlett Bond (

20 June, 2014.  Bartletts in South Africa

We are related to Bartletts in South Africa.   There is a Robert Bartlett, born in 1865, who was married to Anna Cornelia Groenewald.  She also married his brother George (hopefully not at the same time).  If you know if anyone of your traced Bartletts went to South Africa that would be great news. 

Joanne (

31 May, 2013.  Robert R. Bartlett & Sons of Bristol

I'm hoping you can help me date an old stoneware crock that I purchased.  It is imprinted "Robert R. Bartlett & Sons, Bristol."  I found a current printing business in Bristol for Robert R. Bartlett & Sons, but this crock is an old one and I'm wondering if you have any idea how long the business has been in existence. 

Thanks for any knowledge you can pass along to me!  
Marcia Kile (

I am looking for relatives/descendants of Edward Otis Bartlett, usually known as E.O. Bartlett, who immediately after World War One ran the American Red Cross in Italy.  As inhabitants of the Oltrarno in Florence (on the less well known, but equally historic left bank of the Arno river), we have discovered we owe him a great moral debt. 

We have created a very active association of residents, focused around the defense of the only green area for children in the area, the "Ludoteca e giardino Umberto Nidiaci."  It is a fantastic place, which used to belong to Emilio Santarelli, one of the greatest sculptors of the 19th century, right behind the historic Carmine church where the Renaissance was born. 

A few days ago, we tracked down a document from 1920, where we learned that a certain Colonel Edward Otis Bartlett, born in Providence RI, chairman of the US Red Cross in Florence, sold away Red Cross supplies, giving the proceeds to a lawyer named Umberto Nidiaci to buy the building and garden, on condition that he turn it into a center for the education of the youth of the Oltrarno.  His father was also called Edward Otis Bartlett, as I can see from the document. 

Our association is trying to piece together the history of the building and its garden, and we would very much like to find out more about this particular aspect, and are thinking of organizing an exhibition on the topic. 

I wonder whether you could give us a lead somewhere, it would be fun to get in touch with any descendant (and maybe invite him/her to dinner in one of our friends' trattorie here, the very least to make up for an unpaid debt of 96 years):  

Thank you 
Miguel Martinez 
Associazione Amici del Nidiaci in Oltrarno  Florence (

15 April, 2013.  Myrtle Pink Bartlett

I am researching my family tree and my great grandmother was a Bartlett.  Her name was Myrtle Pink Bartlett, born in 1901 in Brasted in Kent.  Her parents were John and Ellen Bartlett.  Johnís mother was called Mary, born about 1849, but in the only record I can find of her she is a widow.   She had six children, all born in the Surrey/Sussex area (Southwick, Brighton, Lingfield). 

The things I am trying to find out are Ellen Bartlettís maiden name, Mary Bartlettís maiden name, and Mary Bartlettís husbandís name and any details. 

Mary Page (

4 July, 2012.  Nellie Bartlett in Croydon 

I wonder if you may have any information on an Ellen. S. Bartlett, known as Nellie who married Richard Sharland, born in 1817.  They married in Croydon in 1866.  I believe her father was a Captain Bartlett from Bideford in Devon.  Richard and Ellen had no children.  That is the only information I have.

Yours sincerely 
Jane Clark (

17 March, 2011.  Bartlett in America 

I am a Bartlett.  I have been trying to trace the Bartlett name back.   I do know from my grandfather that our name family is connected to the Declaration of Independence as my grandfather has told me.  I do know the Bartlett name is not only English but is Scottish as well, having coat of arms for both. and a Scottish tartan (Bartlett family/clan color pattern) used for their kilts.  I have also read online that the Bartlett name came to the US on the Mayflower.  There is also a Bartlett society online that is requesting DNA from anyone named Bartlett to try and trace all the Bartlett lines.  I hope this is helpful. 

JB (

30 January, 2011.  Robert Bartlett, Convict to Australia 

As my name suggests, I am a Bartlett and am a descendant from Robert Bartlett who was born in 1804 in Pimlico, London.  He was convicted in Surrey and sent to Australia as a convict in 1827, arriving in 1828.  He has many descendants.  However, we are having trouble finding information from England about him and his family.

If anyone knows anything about him, we would appreciate it! 
Lyn (

29 December, 2010.  Bartletts in New Zealand 

My name is Roger Coleridge Bartlett, aged 71, now living in Aberdeen, Scotland.  Together with my brother Arnold Ashton Bartlett, aged 68, who lives in Takaka, New Zealand, we are the sons of Uno Joseph Bartlett. 

Uno Joseph Bartlett was born in Takaka in 1890, the youngest of 13 children.  As my father died at 90 years old a while back, I think he was the last of the children to survive.  UJB was a soldier in the Canterbury Mounted Rifles and served in the 1st World War in Gallipoli, France and Germany.  He did not return to NZ until the 1920ís.  During the war he was wounded several times and was never in the best of health until his demise.  He was a farmer, having bought the small homestead off his father upon returning from overseas. 

His father was from Somerset, born in 1845 (his birth certificate being found at the registry office in Shepton Mallet, Somerset).   Robert Bartlett was a well known personage in the valley serving the council and other positions with great ability, honesty and the respect from his peers. 

Roger Bartlett (

20 September, 2010.  Roy Bartlett from Lyme Regis Killed in WW2  

I know this is a bit of a long shot, but I wondered if you have come across any of the following in your research: Frederick John Bartlett who married Ellen Elizabeth Grattan and had, I believe, four children, Harold R. (born in 1916), Frederick W (born in 1921), Roy (born in 1923), and Joyce (born in 1924).  Royís birth was registered in the Axminster Registration District. 

I am particularly interested in this family as I would like to make contact with any surviving members.  My father was a member of the 4th Dorsets during the Second World War, as was Roy Bartlett.  Roy was killed in action on 10th July 1944 whilst the battalion attacked the villages of Eterville and Maltot in Normandy.  The Commonwealth War Graves Debt of Honour gave his address as Colway Mead in Lyme Regis. 

Kind regards,
Ian Haddrell (

14 April, 2010.  Betty Bartlett Ė from Wales to Yorkshire 

I am researching the life of Betty Bartlett Ė a woman born in Wales who moved to Yorkshire   As a trainee schoolteacher, she was evacuated from Yorkshire to Cardiff during the Second World War where she met Tony Ambatielos Ė the leader of the Greek Seamenís Union . The union had their wartime base in Cardiff. He was later imprisoned in Greece for 16 years for his political beliefs Ė during which time she campaigned for his release. 

I wonder if anyone has heard of her or the family and may be able to give me any leads? 

With best wishes
Helena Drakakis (  

23 January, 2010.  Related to Captain Bob Bartlett? 

I have been told for as long as I can remember that our family is related.  I have been trying to find any uncles or cousins to Capt. Bob.   My grandfather's name was William Henry Bartlett, born about 1884 or 5 in the Brigus area.  He was married to Lucretia Stokes and they had one son, my father George Nelson.  The only uncle of my father that I heard of was George Bartlett, a policeman or possible chief in St John's.

 If you have any information re this request or know where I might find it I would appreciate it. 

George Bartlett (

8 January, 2010.  John Vigar Bartlett in Marlsford 

Just noticed the question about John Vigar Bartlett living in Marlsford outside Sydney.  "Marlsford" was the name of the residence he built in Campbelltown when he was appointed Colonial Architect, Surveyor and District Engineer in the Campbelltown/Airds District.  The c1890 building remains at the corner of Sturt and Stewart St, a little altered. 

James Nicholson (jamesn' 

13 November, 2009.  Bartletts in Barbados and Panama 

My name is Milton Bartlett and alive in Panama, desconectados of our roots since my grandfather Milton Bartlett came with his brother Sincler Bartlett to Panama in 1907 over the building of the Panama Canal. They came from Barbados and cut off their connections from there.  Let me know if you know something of the Bartletts in Barbados. 

Milton (arqui_bartlett@hotmail)

10 November, 2009.  Bartletts in South Wales? 

My mother grew up in South Wales, but was told her family had emigrated from Cornwell in the late 1800s. Does anyone have any information about the Bartlett family in South Wales (Glamorgan) or Cornwall? 

Thank you. 
Ann Shortell (

9 November, 2009.  Bartletts in Cokeham (Sussex) 

This history is regarding an old house, No.47 Cokeham Lane, in Lancing, Sussex which was pulled down in 1964/5.  The reason that I am asking is that, according to the Worthing Herald in 1964, the house was built by a Mr. Bartlett and I wondered if you knew anything about the house or the man?  I would also be interested to hear of any other Bartletts in the Cokeham area. 

Many thanks 
Steve Newport  (


6 July, 2009.  Bartletts in Seaford (Sussex) 

Just a little piece of info that you might not have relating to the Bartletts in Seaford.  Betty Bartlett (b 1795) married Richard Ockenden (b 1793) on August 23, 1815 at St. Leonards Church, Seaford.  Sadly, she died on December 2 that same year and Richard, my great great grandmother's brother who was a Coastguard, moved onto Selsey and re-married there in 1820.  Hope this might be of use to you! 

Kind regards 
Geoff Ockenden (

23 May, 2009.  Bartletts of Somerset 

I was hoping you could post this request on your website.  It does not look like there is a connection.  However someone looking may see a link.  I have been researching the family name for 30 years or so, but can always do with some help. 

My great grandfather was Robert Bartlett of Burcott, Wells in Somerset and he was born in 1845.  He had two brothers and two sisters, John, Edward, Emily and Susan. Robert emigrated to NZ around 1864.  Their father was Joseph Bartlett, born 1820, who had two sisters, Eliza and Martha, and a brother John born in 1824.  I believe their father was also Joseph.   All settled in around Wells, with Robertís sister Susan going to Wales. 

I know of no living relatives in the UK and would really like to make contact with anyone related living in the UK or elsewhere for that matter.  My only connection to Somerset is a school exercise book of my great grandfather Robert Bartlett from his school in 1859 at Cherry Orchard, Burcott, Wells in Somerset.  I wonder if the school is still there. 

Look forward to hearing from anyone with an interest in this family.
Rex Bartlett 
Havelock North, New Zealand  (

26 February, 2009.  Captain Charles Bartlett and a Samoan Family Legacy 

I am trying to trace my family history of sorts.  My great great grandfather was Charles Bartlett.  His name is on my great grand otherís death certificate, Carolyn Stehr, who died in Australia in 1938.  She had been evacuated from New Guinea at the beginning of WW2.  She was born in Samoa.  Her mother I believe was a Samoan woman Sa who also bore queen Emma, issue from Jonas Coe. 

My great grandmother was Emma's half sister.  I have a photo of them together.  I have always been told Charles was an Irish American sea captain.  Can you or any of your visitors shed any light on his life and where Charles Bartlett died?

Lynn Wade  (

22 February, 2009.  Bartletts from Somerset 

My name is Jeremy Bartlett, and I can trace my family back to Reverend James Bartlett, a Bible Christian Minister, who was born in 1816 in Somerton, Somerset.  His great grandfather is thought to have been called Timothy Bartlett, resident in Somerton, but I have no proof of this.  You may be interested in a website I've just created called "The Last Bartlett" ( which has information on various family members, including James and his son James Elijah, who was latterly a town councillor in Beverley, East Yorkshire, and had a street named after him (Bartlett Avenue). 

There is probably a connection between my ancestors and some of the Somerset / Dorset / Devon family members you mention, though I don't recognize any of the names. 

Best wishes 
Jeremy Bartlett 
Norwich, Norfolk (


14 January, 2009.  Bartletts from Italy? 

I am James Bartlett, born in Margate, Kent in 1968 and I am doing some research in the family history. While we have quite a lot of info going back maybe 3 generations, it gets foggy from there.  My father says he understands that the family may have originated from northern Italy (probably late 1700's before Italy was united) and the original name was Bartoletti.  I am just wondering if you have you heard of any immigrants coming from Italy with the Bartlett / Bartoletti surname. 

Thanks again for the interesting reading. 
James (

20 November, 2008.  Bartletts in Sussex (from Stopham)

My father was Maurice Stevenson Bartlett (you can look him up on Google), and just before he died in early 2002 I began trying to trace his Bartlett family and ancestors - alas, he died before I'd got very far. Thinking I knew nothing, and not knowing where to begin, I then began an amazing tour of exploration and discovery through all the ups and downs of his Bartlett forebears. 

I have traced our family lines back to one Richard Bartlett who married Mary Daw in Lamberhurst in 1762, and I've been trying to find out more, going further back. There were certainly Bartletts around the Lamberhurst/Wadhurst area by the end of the 17th century, and in 1738 a Richard Bartlett of Church Settle Lane (Wadhurst) fell ill.  It sounds as if he and his young family were taken into care at the instruction of George Courthop, a local big landowner.  I've seen a pitiful list of the contents of his cottage at the East Sussex Records Office.  George Courthop also had other connections with the Bartletts.  He had a John Bartlett working for him earlier in the 18th century (who died very young) and George Courthop was the executor of his will. 

Perhaps it wasn't the Church Settle Richard's son who married Mary Daw in 1862 (she was only 15), but another Richard who was a bit younger and who was born in Bignor - and definitely of Stopham stock!  Their first baby - whichever Richard was the father - was baptized a week or two after the wedding. Anyway, the thing is that the Barttelots of Stopham certainly gravitated out eastwards as well as westwards.  There were Barttelot/Bartlett descendants in Hurstpierpoint and many of the children of William (yeoman farmer of Barttlot sideways/younger son descent) and Elizabeth Legge, his wife, were born in Brighton for some reason. 

I mention all that because it seems likely to me that your 19th century Bartletts of Seaford must also have come originally from the same branch of the family. 

Meanwhile, my Kent 19th century Bartletts certainly were in and out of the Poor House early on in the century, but got themselves out of it and Stephen, cousin to the Richard who emigrated to Australia on the Lallah Rookah, did well and became a farm bailiff, though he was in the Poor House as a child.  But James, his eldest son - my great-grandfather - became a butler to some very grand households, which fascinates me!  I wish he'd left a diary or some letters, but nothing seems to exist.  One of his daughters emigrated to South Africa, and another to Canada. 

I'd better stop now, or I could ramble on indefinitely! 

With best wishes
Penny Robinson (

1 August 2008.  Bartlett Family from Kent to Australia in 1841  

My name Is Ricky McKenzie and I am descended From a Bartlett family that came to Australia In 1841 on The "Lallah Rookh" that arrived In Sydney, Australia on December 26, 1841. The members of the family were Richard Bartlett, his wife Lydia and their 18 month daughter Sarah Ann.  

Richard Bartlett was born In 1821 in Aldington, Kent and was the son of Richard Bartlett (d.1841) and Anne Payne (m.1799) who were both alive at the time of Richard's journey to Australia. 

Lydia Bartlett nee Quested was born 1822 in Hythe, Kent and was the daughter of Samuel Quested (1767-1827) and Sarah Ransely nee Berry (m.1819, d. 1841) who both were deceased by the time of Lydia's movement to Australia.  

They moved onto Milton Ulladulla, New South Wales, after Sydney and had thirteen children.  Their youngest Joseph Bartlett is whom I am descended from.  I can only go as far as Richard Bartlett's (the one that left for Australia) father before the Bartlett line goes cold   I was wondering that in your geneological research if there Is any mentions of this line of Bartlett's.  

Ricky McKenzie

27 June 2008.  Charles Hughbert Bartlett 

I have tried without any luck to trace my paternal grandfather and his second family.  My father was Charles Hughbert Bartlett, a unitarian minister, who died in 1966 when I was eight.  He was living in Manchester at the time but came from Liverpool (born around 1907). 

His father had taken young Charles and his mother, Lillian, to Saskatoon in Canada around 1908.  After Lillianís alleged death in around 1915, Sydney remarried and had another son.  My father was sent back to Liverpool and was cared for by maiden aunts, never hearing from his father again.  We did hear he had moved to Sydney, Australia but we can find no trace. The step-brother may still be living or his descendents. Any light would be gratefully received. 

Sarah (

1 June, 2008.  Alexander Bartlett, late 1700ís in Kent 

This is a great site and I enjoyed reading about all the Bartletts.  I wonder if you could include my query please as Iíve run out of options to find my great great great grandfather, Alexander Bartlett.  Perhaps someone will read the Bartlett site and have a connection with the name Alexander Bartlett and Mary in the late 1700's.  Iím searching for an Alexander Bartlett who had two sons Ė Jabus or Jabes (born in 1799) and John (born 1789), and possibly daughter Hetty.  The mother of these children is shown in parish registers in Kent as Mary. 

Thank you.
June Farley (

11 May 2008.  A Bartlett Sea Captain from New York?

My name is Michael Bartlett Mahaffie and I wonder of you can help me. I am trying to trace my portion of a Bartlett line back past my great-great-grandfather Robert Bartlett (not the explorer, I think). 

I believe he was born about 1842, probably in New York state. He may have been married to a woman named Agnes. He was believed to have been a sea captain, according to a letter my grandfather left his kids (he had married Robert Bartlett's granddaughter). 

I have two children of Robert Bartlett, Nellie, who married a man named Leary, and Susan, who married Augustus Charles Becker and had at least two children: Robert, who died young and Roberta, my maternal grandmother, who was named for her late brother Robert. Susan apparently died when Roberta was a toddler.  Roberta married Redmond Farrar, a minor jazz-age composer. 

I have very little to go on, since Susan died when my grandmother was quite young.  Do any of these names/relationships ring any bells? 

Mike and Karen Mahaffie (

25 March 2008.  Bartletts in Australia 

Hello from Australia.  My name is Robert Bartlett and I'm an Australian author, and before that I worked for some multi-nationals.  I noticed on your web site re. Bartletts in Australia, that you mention that a John Vigar Bartlett lived in Marlsford outside Sydney. I can't seem to find that suburb.  Could you advise where it is please? 

I've been keeping a family tree and you might wish to know the following: 
 - William Bartlett - my great grandfather(1847-1939) died in Tenterfield, NSW
 - Charles Arthur Bartlett - my grandfather (1882-1943) born Tenterfield - died Newcastle NSW
 - William Douglas Bartlett - my father (1907-1987) born Tenterfield - died Sydney

My father thought we might have been related to the British Poet Milton?  But have no further information before my great grandfather. 

Robert Bartlett ( 

3 March, 2008.  Captain Bartletts Related?


I noticed on your Bartlett website that you mention as examples of Bartlett mariners the names of the Arctic explorer Captain Robert A. Bartlett and the master of the Britannic Captain Charles Bartlett.  With Captain Bob's Newfoundland family coming from Dorset and Captain Charles family from Devon, do you know if there is any family connection between these men?  

The Historic Sites Association of Newfoundland and Labrador are planning a program of events and activities in 2009 to celebrate the life and career of Captain Bob Bartlett.  HSA operates Hawthorne Cottage, Bartlett's home, in Brigus Newfoundland.  2009 is the centenary of Bartlett taking Robert Peary to within 133 miles of the North Pole and, of course, Peary's famous claim to have been the first to reach the Pole. 

Though Bartlett is perhaps best known for that 1909 Polar expedition, he also has an incredible life story that HSA plans to make better known in this province and elsewhere.  His science and research expeditions into the Far North during the 20s, 30s and 40s earned him international recognition and support from the Smithsonian, National Geographic, and many of the North America's great institutions. 

The Bartletts of Brigus were famous mariners and explorers long before Bob came along.  There are at least eight geographic names in the Arctic named after Bartletts.  His ancestors were well known to explorers who for 300 years were trying to reach the Pole or find their way through a Northwest Passage. 

Dean Williams (,
Celebrating Bartlett 2009, Historic Sites Association of Newfoundland and Labrador

8 December, 2007.  Bartletts and the Knights of the Round Table?


Early researches of Harry Bartlett and Ann Wall of Somerset have linked the name Bartlett to Sir Henry Barralot, one of the Knights of the Round Table.  As this is a distant branch I have not followed it up. 

My own history: The 1861 Census has family living at 19 Whites Hill, Bristol Gloucestershire.  They came to Brisbane Australia in 1863.  The eldest daughter Lydia married Herbert Eli Daniels in Brisbane in 1881. 

Kevin Egan (

23 August 2007.  Bartelot Memorial in Stopham Church

At Stopham church in Sussex, there is a memorial to 29 year old Major Edmund Musgrave Bartelot, killed while on an expedition to the Congo with Henry Morton Stanley who, seventeen years earlier, had found Dr. David Livingstone in the African jungle.  The party had split up.

The inscription reads:

"Major Bartelot left England in 1887 and, while in charge of a large expedition in search of Stanley and for the relief of Emin Pasha, was treacherously shot at Unaria in Central Africa, 19th July 1889, by Senga, a native Manyema carrier provided by Tippoo Tib."